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Do Clek booster seats have side impact protection?

The Oobr model is designed with the exclusive Elemental Safety System, which is comprised of 5 structural elements that systematically secures and protects your child in the event of a side impact collision.

Rigid UAS System
Locks the booster seat into place using your vehicle’s UAS anchorage system to provide additional booster seat stability in a collision.
Magnesium Back Frame
Better contains the torso during a side impact collision and protect against vehicle intrusion.
Structural Headrest with Deep Side Wings
Connects to the magnesium frame using steel rods to reduce twisting movements and improve head protection in a collision.
Energy-Absorbing Foam Layer
Absorbs energy in a side impact collision resulting in less forces transferred directly to your child.
Belt Guides
Improves belt positioning on your child’s shoulders and hips.

Learn more about Oobr's Elemental Safety System

There is no additional side impact protection specifically provided by the Olli, Ozzi or Oobr (in backless mode) models. But, by raising the child up on the vehicle seat, a booster seat better positions the child for the side impact protection systems built into the vehicle.