Father’s Day Spotlight: Clek Dads & Their Stories from the Road

We’re parents too.

That’s why we sat down with some of the Clek Dads – including Adam (Senior Process Engineer), Ryan (Marketing Manager), Greg (Quality Manager) and Chris (President and Founder) – to mark Father’s Day, and hear some of their most memorable moments on the road with the little ones.

They had lots to share, including stories that we think every parent can relate to!

How many kids do you have?

Adam: 1 – a baby girl

Chris: 2 kids; 13 & 10.

Greg: 1 – he’s 14.

Ryan: 2 kids; 12 & 4. 


What seat do your kids ride in? Or did they ride in?

Adam: My daughter rides in a Liing – our new infant car seat. (Editor’s note: Adam even had the chance to assemble it!)

Chris: My kids are out of child seats now, but they rode in Foonf, Oobr, and Olli.

Ryan: My son has been out of a child seat for a while now, but my daughter is a Foonf rider. She loves the Tokidoki print (unicorns!), and we love the safety benefits. It’s a win win.


What’s your favourite road trip memory?

Adam: She’s still so new, so the ride home from the hospital. I usually drive quickly, but we stopped multiple times to make sure she was still breathing and moving around. I’ve never driven so carefully in my life, sweaty palms the whole way!

Greg: We did a four week road trip in 2016 from Peterborough, T-Bay, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Banff, Lake Louise and back with his best buddy and cousin creating havoc wherever we went. We did the trip specifically so Liam, his bud and cousin could see as much of Canada from the ground as possible. We made a point of driving off the beaten path on a regular basis.

We stayed at relatives all across Canada and had a blast.

Chris: Every year, Jenny and I (separately) take a road trip with one of our kids to spend some one on one time (the other parent goes with the other child). My favourite road trips were discovering SoCal in a convertible with Paige and Chicago to Green Bay sports trip (Blackhawks / Packers) with Cooper.

Ryan: Prior to my daughter being born, we did a road trip along the French coast with family. We put in tonnes of kms, and saw so many beautiful sights – from old-world city centres to important sites from World War 2. It blew me away. Plus, the food was unbelievably good. My in-laws know how to travel!


How do you like to spend Father’s Day?

Adam: TBD – but probably a BBQ with the family, followed by an attempt to get some sleep. (Editors note: we feel you, Adam!)

Greg: For Father’s Day, I’m going to invite friends over for brunch and do French toast and bacon on the bbq outside on the pool deck. Nothing like French toast, fruit, maple syrup and bacon outside for breakfast.

Chris: We go camping (glamping, actually) with the kids every year with a bunch of Dad’s from our neighbourhood. Great annual tradition (where Mom benefits from a break too).

Ryan: I love to spend Father’s Day at home with the family – pancakes for breakfast, a nice dinner, and something amazing baked by my wife. It’s a nice moment to just sit back and appreciate the good things in life, and the things that really matter.


Have any tips or tricks that help make car time with the kids easier?

Greg: Frequent stops. Exploring roadside attractions, monuments, markers, etc. to break up the drive. Booking suites and/or hotels with added attractions like water slides and such, which gives the kids something to look forward to. Reviewing the trip itinerary beforehand so everyone has an idea of where we’re going and what they might be interested in seeing along the way. It all comes down to planning, planning and more planning. It’s not that we never hear ‘are we there yet?’, it’s just that it happens so seldomly!

Ryan: Let the kids pick the Music. It made travel time a breeze – once I could embrace the soothing sounds of the My Little Pony, Moana, or Spirit soundtracks. Our daughter sings the whole way, and hearing that cute little voice makes the kilometres just melt away. We also make sure to have healthy, low mess potential, easy to open snacks packed within arms reach.


Here’s to Great Dads Everywhere!