Toastier Car Seat Coats by Buckle Me Baby Coats - 5 Cosmic Chill
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boy safely buckled in with his car seat coat

Comfy, Cozy & Car Seat Safe

As temperatures drop, it can be tempting to buckle your child in their car seat with their bulky winter coat or snowsuit. The fluff and air that is found in most coats is what keeps a child warm, but can be UNSAFE due to the extra slack it adds into the car seat harness or seat belt.  Extra bulk can make it difficult and sometimes impossible to properly tighten the harness or seat belt while also preventing  proper placement of the harness straps, leading to issues that could put a child in danger, such as the harness sliding off the shoulders when the bulk of the coat prevents the harness from sitting in the proper position.

buckle me toastier car seat coat oh snow royal fleece liner


  • Crash tested and approved for use with Clek car seats (provided both the car seat manual and coat instructions are followed)
  • Easy-open panels at the side and shoulder seams leave the shoulders and chest area bare to allow the harness to lie flat and snug against a child’s body.
  • Longer sleeve length and chunky cuffs that allow for longer use without having to size up.
  • Wind & Water Resistant
  • Machine washable 100% polyester woven outer, warm winter fleece inner fabric
  • Easy to use zipper and Velcro closures
  • Consumer Product Safety Safety Commission Approved


2T – Height: 15 in, Rolled Sleeve: 11.5 in, Extended Sleeve: 14 in

3T - Height: 16 in, Rolled Sleeve: 12.5 in, Extended Sleeve: 15 in

5 - Height: 18 in, Rolled Sleeve: 14.5 in, Extended Sleeve: 17 in

NOTE: Coats run large, no need to size up (adds bulk to the back).


Crash Tested and Reviewed by Clek's Child Passenger Safety Experts:

"Winter coats are a necessity for keeping kids warm outside in the winter, but most of them lead to poor harness fit or prevent properly tightening the harness of a car seat. 'Toastier' car seat coats by Buckle Me Baby Coats offer families an innovative solution to the seasonal challenge of how to keep their kids warm, while still allowing a proper and secure fit of the car seat harness. Buckle Me’s commitment to making a coat that solves this seasonal challenge without compromising safety was obvious throughout the testing process.

Beyond the safety factors, as a parent, I understand that daily usability and warmth is also important and Buckle Me has paid attention here too. I appreciate their attention to real-kid details like sleeve length and room-to-grow.

It’s great to have an answer for parents that is a “yes” when it comes to a winter coat after years of recommending alternative work-arounds for our Canadian cold."

-Trudy Slaght, Clek Child Passenger Safety Consultant

buckle me car seat coat colar opening and closing