Care and Maintenance

Removing/Installing Seat Cushion and Seat Cushion Cover


To Remove Seat Cushion Cover:

  1. To remove Seat Cushion Cover, you must first remove the entire Seat Cushion from the Seat Base.
  2. Pull up on bottom front edge of Seat Cushion to release it from the front of the Seat Base.
  3. Pull the Seat Cushion forward to fully release it from the Seat Base.
  4. Turn Seat Cushion over to locate the Seat Cushion Cover attachments.
  5. Using your thumb, push inward on each Seat Cushion Cover attachment one at a time to release the Cover from the Seat Cushion.
  6. Remove Seat Cushion Cover from Seat Cushion.

To Install Seat Cushion Cover:

  1. Place Seat Cushion Cover on a flat surface with Seat Cushion Cover attachments facing up.
  2. Place Seat Cushion into Seat Cushion Cover, aligning the seat cushion with the Seat Cushion Cover attachments.
  3. Reattach Seat Cushion Cover attachments to Seat Cushion by wrapping the Seat Cushion Cover sides around the entire Seat Cushion.

To Install Seat Cushion:

  1. Place Seat Cushion onto top surface of Seat Base.
  2. Slide Seat Cushion rearward underneath Seat Back to align snaps in Seat Base.
  3. Press down on rear and front of Seat Cushion to engage front snaps to Seat Base.

Washing Instructions

Seat Cushion Cover Washing Instructions

  1. Once the Seat Cushion Cover is removed, set the foam pad aside. DO NOT wash foam pad.
  2. Follow washing instructions on wash tag located on inside of Seat Cushion Cover.

Seat Back Cover and Headrest Cover Fabric Washing Instructions

IMPORTANT: The booster Seat Back Cover and Headrest Cover are not removable for washing.

  1. If the spot has dried, try lightly brushing or scraping off the residual. Wipe surface with water.
  2. If a spot still remains, apply a mild detergent to fabric with a light mist.
  3. Work area using soft brush or edge of spoon from outside of spot towards the middle.
  4. Allow solution to work for approximately one minute.
  5. Remove with clean water or blot with clean soft towel.
  6. Repeat Steps 3-5 as necessary until spot is removed.
  7. Rinse with clear lukewarm water and blot with clean soft white cloth as final step.

Seat Frame (Exterior Plastic Only) Washing Instructions

Use a soft cloth with warm water and soap. Apply light pressure with cloth in small circular motions.