Checklist for Proper Use

IMPORTANT: This is only a checklist — you must read and understand all of the warnings and instructions on this booster seat’s labels and in this manual before installing or using this booster seat.

  • Child weighs between 18-54 kg (40-120 lb), height is between 101-145 cm (40-57 in.)
  • Child is sitting in the booster seat in a forward facing seating position in a rear seat of the vehicle
  • The tops of the child’s ears are below the top of the vehicle seat back or the vehicle seat’s fully deployed headrest
  • Shoulder belt crosses midpoint of the child’s chest and is not twisted
  • Belt is routed correctly beneath armrests and sits low and snug on the child’s hips and is not twisted
  • There is no slack in the shoulder belt
  • Child is sitting upright and is not slouching
  • Booster seat is securely installed with both UAS connectors attached to UAS lower anchors, if available