How to change the Shoulder Harness height or length?

Step 1

Check that Harness Straps are not twisted and from front of seat, Insert Shoulder Harness Straps through the desired Shoulder Harness Slots as shown in Figure 98.

figure 98
Figure 98
Step 2

Route Shoulder Harness under bottom of seat back cover (1) as shown in Figure 99.

figure 99
Figure 99
Step 3

Attach desired loops at end of Shoulder Harness Straps to Metal Harness Plate by sliding strap into slot in plate as shown in Figure 100. For information on selection of the correct loops, see “Harness Length Selection” section in the owner's manual.

  • Check that Shoulder Harness Strap is completely inside the slot in the Metal Harness Plate as shown in Figure 101.
figure 100
Figure 100
figure 101
Figure 101
Step 4

Reattach Shoulder Harness Access Panel to back of car seat.

  • Insert the access panel and twist the Access Panel lock clockwise as shown in Figure 102.
figure 102
Figure 102