Checklist for Proper Use

IMPORTANT: This is only a checklist — you must read and understand all of the warnings and instructions provided with your manual before installing or using this infant insert.

  • Infant weighs between 5 and 22 lb (2.3 and 10 kg) and is between 19 and 33 in. (48 and 85 cm) tall.
  • Car seat is properly installed rear-facing at maximum recline according to the car seat instruction manual.
  • Crotch strap is properly adjusted to the car seat’s rear crotch strap slot position and inserted through crotch buckle slot in body support.
  • Shoulder harness straps are through shoulder harness slots closest to and at or below the shoulder of the child OR adjusted to the lowest shoulder harness slots if infant’s shoulders are below the lowest shoulder harness slots.
  • Head support attachment tabs are secured through 3rd set of shoulder harness slots above the shoulder harness straps.
  • EITHER the head support OR car seat headrest is in use and adjusted according to instructions provided in “Installing/Removing Head Support” section.
  • Crotch buckle pad is installed and positioned between buckle and infant’s body.
  • Harness is snugly adjusted on child and buckled.
  • Body Support is used if child’s weight is less than 11 lb (5 kg) or if the car seat headrest is used.