Virtual Support Services

Clek Owners Can Book Free Virtual Support Services with Our Safety Experts

Do you have a child fit question? Want a second set of eyes to confirm your installation looks solid? Have a general question - like when to turn your child forward-facing, help deciding between a Foonf or Fllo, or when it's the right time to transition to a booster? If you're a current Clek owner, our Virtual Support Service is here to help.

Simply click the button below to select an available time to meet with a Clek child passenger safety expert for a complimentary seat check. Virtual appointments take place via Zoom. By participating, you're agreeing to the terms of our privacy policy.

Recent Virtual Support Service Reviews

"It is a huge benefit being able to remotely check the installation with a technician who is knowledgeable about the specific seat. Being able to see her demonstrate on the same model made things very easy and was better than when we visited a generic tech in person. This would have been a consideration when purchasing the car seat if we had known about it. Very impressed with Trudy and the customer service at Clek!"


"As someone who is very car-seat safety conscious, I have been blown away by Clek. Not just by how thoughtfully designed, incredibly safe and aesthetically pleasing their products are, but by how top-notch the customer service is. All my questions directed to Clek Customer Service have met with speedy, professional and highly informative feedback. I feel very comforted and confident having my family in Clek seats." -Alicia

"I’m thrilled with the help and instruction I got from your technician! I’ve been recommending your car seats to all the parents I know since my appointment. Thank you!" -Tessa

"Amazing knowledge and ability to answer all of my questions. They really went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable with all aspects of the seat and now I'm just hoping I can catch a sale to purchase. The customer service from Clek is incredible. Thank you." -Beverly