liing vs liingo:

what are the differences?


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Clek Liing infant car seat base with load leg extended

Liing includes a Clek Infant Car Seat Base, which is engineered with advanced safety features like an adjustable metal load leg, rigid-LATCH (UAS) installation, a 7-way recline angle adjuster with indicator bubble, and a belt tensioning system for installations where LATCH (UAS) is unavailable.





Liingo is a baseless (carrier only) infant car seat. Its flexible LATCH (UAS) connectors are stored in a removable bin, giving you the choice between a secure LATCH (UAS) installation or the Euro Belt Path installation method (which we recommend, as it offers superior crash performance). With the bin removed, Liingo is compatible with the Clek Infant Car Seat Base, which is available for purchase as an accessory should your needs change down the road.


What Liing and Liingo Have in Common:


Both seats are assembled in Canada

Both are compatible with all the same great stroller brands and have the same easy one-hand release. Click here to view the list of compatible strollers.

Both offer the European belt path method of installation and deliver similar industry-leading safety performance.

Both weigh 9 lb (when you remove the detachable LATCH bin for Liingo).

Both have the same two-piece shell and machine washable covers.

Both have the same peak-a-boo window and 100+ SPF 3-stage canopy.

Liing is available in a Merino wool and TENCEL® fabric blend that's naturally-sourced, biodegradable, and free of ANY added flame retardants.

Both can be recycled through our car seat recycling program.

Both have a 1+ 2 year warranty (when you register online).

Both have a 9-year life span.

The Clek Infant Car Seat Base

Compatible with Liing and Liingo

Included with Liing, available for purchase as an accessory for Liingo.

With Advanced Safety Features


The Rigid-LATCH (UAS) System

Provides secure and effortless installation with your vehicle's built-in anchors.

The Belt-Tensioning System

Provides effortless, secure belt installation for center seating positions and where UAS installation is not available, such as 3-across seating.

The Metal Load Leg

Provides anti-rotation and energy absorption features in a collision, reducing crash forces by more than 40%. The metal load leg folds up securely into the base when not in use.

The Recline Angle Adjuster

Is adjustable with the base installed, and offers up to 7 recline positions to ensure the perfect angle every time - regardless of how flat or sloped the vehicle seat is.

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