Designed for use with both Foonf and Fllo convertible car seats, P-thingy is here to make your life easier and your child's journey to independence smoother.

Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with car seat cleanups due to spills and stains! P-thingy comes equipped with a waterproof backing, ensuring that most messes are contained and leaving your car seats clean and odor-free.

It’s also great at keeping crumbs and little bits from making their way into the deeper crevices of your seats!


An Extra Comfy Layer of Padding 

But that's not all – P-thingy goes the extra mile to provide maximum comfort for your little one during rides. Its plush padding not only offers protection for your car seats, but also ensures a cozy experience for your child, so they can enjoy the ride.


P-thingy car seat protector being installed


Easy to Install & Clean

We’re parents too. That’s why P-thingy is designed with practicality in mind. Installing and removing it is a breeze, taking just seconds of your time. And when it's time for a clean, no worries – P-thingy is machine washable/dryable!


Enjoy a Mess-Free Ride 

With P-thingy by your side, you can say farewell to frustrating messes, stains, and discomfort during your child’s potty-training adventures. Enjoy hassle-free rides and unforgettable moments with your little explorer – get your P-thingy today!

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