We Don't Just Design for Safety. We Design for Peace of Mind - Right Here in Canada.

A car seat isn't about checking a box. It's about protecting your family. And it has to fit into your lives (and your cars). We design car seats the way we want them to be experienced. Easy to install. Secure as a tank. Comfortable to sit in. Awesome to look at. With a level of protection that comes with peace of mind.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
My husband, myself and my 23 month old daughter were involved in a very bad accident where we were t-boned by another driver. She was able to be pulled out of the car without so much as a scratch on her or the car seat. Thank you for making a seat that saved my daughter's life!
— Lindsey S, Clek Foonf Owner
Customer reviews
We were in an accident today. Our baby doesn’t have a scratch on her. The car seat did exactly what it had been tested and proven to do. This car seat saved her life.
— Melissa B, Clek Liing Owner
Customer reviews
I spent months researching the safest convertible car seat, and I chose Foonf. I’m so grateful I did. My husband and my toddler were rear ended on the freeway at 65mph. My 3-year-old, James, was rear facing in the Foonf and walked away without a scratch. Thank you for keeping my son safe.
— Emily, Clek Foonf Owner
Clek Foonf marshmallow installed in the back of a Range Rover.
Customer reviews
Myself, my husband and my 2 children were traveling on a highway in Connecticut when we were rear ended by another vehicle. Our car flipped over multiple times and landed on the roof, totaling the car. My children and the car seats stayed exactly where I installed them and suffered no major injuries. I cannot thank you enough, from the bottom of my heart for making the quality products that you do.
— Katie, Clek Foonf Owner
Clek Foonf convertible car seats installed in a Porsche Panamera
Customer reviews
We were in a horrible accident in the middle of December. I strongly believe that my children are alive today because of these car seats, as we completely rolled over and the roof of our vehicle had collapsed in between their heads, no room for error. Each car seat was still in the exact position they had been prior to the accident from the rigid UAS system and they were both secured to the seat still.
— N.Y, Clek Oobr Owner

Built to Perform When it Matters Most.

Safety: It's the reason we're doing this in the first place - to protect the wellbeing of our children and yours. That's why every Clek car seat is designed & engineered right here in Canada with advanced crash management systems, metal substructures, and European-inspired safety features.

It's also why we proudly share our crash test results. After all, your kids lives are at stake, and we don't expect you to just take our word for it.

Clek car seats on the assembly line

Designed, Engineered and Made in Canada.

Clek car seats are proudly Ontario Made. We're the only car seat manufacturer in Canada, and we've made a conscious decision to manufacture here in North America. Yes, it may cost a little more, but we think it's worth it. We're supporting businesses here.  And because we're closer to the process, we can better ensure the high quality you expect from a Clek product.

Portraits of the Clek Team

Parental Instinct, Engineering Know-How.

When we became parents, we realized that none of the available car seats offered everything we wanted: best-in-class safety, convenience and style. Every car seat seemed to come with a trade-off. More safety meant less convenience. More convenience meant less style. We knew we could do better, so we did.

Guided by parental instinct, and our experience in the automotive industry, we designed a family of products that bring parent-friendly ease-of-use and modern style together with the most advanced crash management systems. The result? Best-in-class car seats that keep your kids happy and comfortable and allow you to relax and focus on the ride.

Clek Liing infant car seat, Fllo convertible car seat and Oobr booster seat installed 3-across

Built to Last, with a 9-Year Expiration and a Lifetime Extended Warranty.

Clek car seats are built to last, with an industry-leading expiration of 9 years and a Lifetime Extended Warranty* (when registered online within 90 days of purchase). You can count on your Clek seat to keep your child safe, secure and comfortable, year after year, after year.

Closeup of Clek car seats in Railroad flame retardant free fabric

Free of Brominated & Chlorinated Flame Retardants

We're parents too. That's why we became the first car seat company to remove brominated and chlorinated flame retardants from our car seats in 2014. Our new Railroad fabric, as well as our ethically sourced Merino Wool + TENCEL™ Blend options are free of any added flame retardants.

Closeup of Clek car seat components

Recyclable through Clek

We believe that as producers, we should be responsible for everything we make and put into this world. Clek is the only car seat company to have a car seat recycling program in North America. When your Clek seat reaches the end of its ride, we can ensure it doesn't end up in a landfill.

Woman installing her Clek Foonf convertible car seat

Expert Virtual Support Services for Clek Owners

Every member of our customer service team is a trained CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician).

Whether you're looking for help puzzling together a tricky three-across installation, or simply want an extra set of eyes to ensure you've got it just right, we're here to help.

That's why we offer complimentary virtual car seat checks for Clek owners.

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