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Share Your Experience, Earn Rewards.

Become a Clek Local and share your Clek experiences and honest opinions with interested people. In return, you'll receive brand points that can be redeemed for exclusive rewards!

Child buckled into her Clek Foonf convertible car seat

Join the Clek Local Community

As a Clek Owner, you have exactly what future owners are looking for: real experiences and authentic feedback to share about Clek car seats. By becoming a Clek local, you can help spread the word about Clek products and get rewarded for your efforts.

Girl buckling into her Clek Olli

Connect When You Want, How You Want

After registering, your profile will be displayed on the Experify Map on the Clek website and people can request the opportunity to connect via chat or virtual meetup to discuss your experiences with the products on the Experify platform. You can always decide whether you accept or reject a contact request - whenever fits your schedule.

Mom pulling her Clek Weelee car seat bag

Earning Rewards is Easy

After each chat or virtual meeting, you simply confirm the interaction, and you’ll get rewarded by us as a thank you for your time. Your points can be redeemed for Clek merch, products and gift cards on our Experify reward shop!

About Experify

In times of anonymous and fake online reviews and paid product endorsements, Experify is the place for people who prefer real product experiences and who believe in the power of social interaction. It's for brands that take pride in their products, give everything for customer satisfaction and let their products and customers speak for themselves.

To you as a Local, they offer:

• Simple and secure communication

• Full control of your avilability

• Security and verified users